Discover OM Fabs' Stripes of Elegance: A Celebration of New Designs in 100% Polyester and Viscose Fabric, Made In India
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Discover OM Fabs' Stripes of Elegance: A Celebration of New Designs in 100% Polyester and Viscose Fabric, Made In India

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Elevate your creative endeavors with OM Fabs' latest masterpiece, the "Satin Georgette Stripes" collection. A fusion of artistry and innovation, this collection pays homage to the grandeur of Indian textile traditions, meticulously crafted for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Made In India: The Epitome of Excellence - Our fabrics carry the prestigious "Made In India" badge, a testament to the rich heritage and craftsmanship that is woven into every thread. When you choose OM Fabs, you choose authenticity.

80 GSM, 110 CM Width: Your Canvas of Imagination - With a generous 80 grams per square meter and a spacious 110 CM width, these fabrics provide you with ample room to breathe life into your creative visions. Whether you're designing garments, home decor, or accessories, these fabrics will be your trusted companion.

Soft Organza: Where Elegance Meets Subtlety - Soft Organza in this collection offers an ethereal delicacy that adds a whisper of elegance to your creations. Its translucent charm invites you to explore a world of sheer sophistication.

Crepe Silk: A Symphony of Luxury - Crafted from pure silk, Crepe Silk delivers the epitome of luxury. Its soft, smooth texture is an ode to sophistication and timeless charm.

Georgette: Timeless Grace and Poise - Georgette, with its fluid drape and fine texture, is a timeless classic that exudes grace and understated elegance.

Satin Georgette: Elegance with a Radiant Twist - Satin Georgette is a fusion of Georgette's grace and satin's radiant sheen. In this collection, we have adorned these fabrics with exquisite stripes, adding a touch of sophistication and contemporary allure.

White: Your Blank Canvas of Imagination - In pristine white, these fabrics provide the perfect canvas for your creative expressions. Unblemished and pure, they allow your ideas to shine and captivate with brilliance.

Within the "Satin Georgette Stripes" collection, you will encounter fabrics featuring captivating "Floral" and "Digital Printed" designs. Each stripe tells a unique story, allowing you to weave your narratives through your creations.

OM Fabs doesn't merely provide fabrics; we provide a gateway to your creative journey. The "Satin Georgette Stripes" collection is your entry into the world of textile design, a pilgrimage through India's cultural richness, and an opportunity to bring your artistic dreams to life.

With OM Fabs, you can celebrate tradition, embody elegance, and elevate your creative visions. The "Satin Georgette Stripes" collection is your key to a world of beauty, innovation, and the timeless allure of Indian craftsmanship.