Abstract print refers to a pattern or design that does not represent a recognizable object or subject in a realistic or literal way. Instead, it uses shapes, colors, lines, and forms to create a visual representation that is non-representational or non-objective. Abstract prints often emphasize artistic expression, creativity, and imagination.

In abstract prints, the focus is on the arrangement of elements and the overall composition rather than depicting specific objects or scenes. The design can be characterized by bold, geometric shapes, fluid and organic forms, or a combination of both. Colors play a significant role in abstract prints, with vibrant hues, contrasting tones, or subtle gradations used to evoke emotions or create visual impact.

Abstract prints can be found in various forms of artwork, including paintings, drawings, and textiles. In the context of fashion and textiles, abstract prints are often used to create visually striking patterns on clothing, accessories, and home decor items. These prints can be applied using various techniques such as screen printing, digital printing, or hand-painting.

The beauty of abstract prints lies in their open interpretation, allowing viewers to perceive and interpret the design in their own unique way. They can evoke different emotions, create visual interest, and add a sense of artistic expression to a garment or an interior space.

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